India’s throbbing assortment of culture, incredible landscape and architecture will whisk you away on a life-changing journey…

Get ready to discover a country of contrasts and eye-opening beauty

From the grandeur of the Himalayas, all the way to the coastal spans of the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea, India is the jewel in the crown of South Asia. It takes a curious traveller to uncover its rich diversity and a true romantic to capture its pulsating heart. Everywhere you go, you’ll encounter nuances of history, art, faith and cuisine-varying from state to state, from region to region, all the way down to every community.


Cultural Tour

Kolkata, regarded as the “cultural capital” of India, is the place to be for artistic and cultural inspiration. Very intellectual, the capital of West Bengal lures culture-lovers, especially with its intense history, entertainment, and distinct intellectual exchange known as “adda”. Starting from the famous Park Street, you’ll be able to experience first-hand the local nightlife and the vibrant musical scene, and most probably you’ll stumble across the street’s colonial mansions-which do not go unnoticed.  A lot of the city recalls India’s colonial past, and the Victoria Memorial is a perfect example.

Himalayan Adventure 

Once the summer capital of British India, Shimla is the major centre of Himachal Pradesh, located at the foothills of the Himalayas. With natural scenery in every direction, this is the perfect all-year-round mountain resort for adventure seekers. With views over the Himalayas, there’s no wonder why this location is very much cherished, and it is the official retreat of the President of India. Different from other towns, the imprint of the West has left indelible marks through cuisine, party styles and golf courses.

Piping Hot Traditions

If you’d like to immerse in distant culture, don’t miss Amritsar’s ancient philosophy and spectacular monuments. Set in the state of Punjab-The Land of Five Rivers-this city is one of the oldest in India, and cultivates traditions coming from all over the state, including music such as bhangra, as well as, a plethora of dance traditions. Home of Sikhism, Amritsar, shines light on this religious and cultural movement in many different ways, but its most exceptional testimony is the sacred Golden Temple-the grand shrine that attracts Sikhs and visitors to its door for prayers and guidance.

Follow the Sun 

Wrapping around India’s southwestern coast, the state of Goa is where you’ll find sun, spice and a vibrant cultural mix. Overflowing with rich history, a visit to Old Goa is proof of Portuguese affluence dating back to the 16th century. Located on the banks of the Mandovi River, Panaji is paved with cobblestone streets, lined with brightly coloured villas, and adorned with a pearly-white colonial monument-the Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception. But the real deal is Goa’s soothing seaside; palm-fringed beaches, golden sands, watersports and colourful seafood platters are all you need to make the most of your stay on the Arabian coast.


Getting Hitched

Moksh Events Pvt Ltd. 

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Based in Eastern India, Moksh Events creates extravagant weddings of all shapes and sizes. In 1999, the event company opened its doors and since then, they’ve successfully transformed the Indian wedding business, collaborating with top celebrity artists to bring incredible and memorable shows to you and your guests. Being one of its kind, Moksh Events always exceeds all expectations, creating show-stopping moments. 

Whether you are a resident in India or you want India as your wedding destination, you are in the right hands. With years of experience and with the best contacts at hand, you won’t have to worry about a thing. Gather your family and friends and have the time of your life, as the professionals take care of the rest. 


Gaj Retreat-Manaswal

It’s never too soon to start planning your dream honeymoon in India. The luxury eco-resort & Spa- Gaj Retreat has all you need to relax and indulge in the elegance and natural scenery of the ancient village of Manaswal. The promoters of Gaj Retreat-the same team behind Koti Resorts-have been in the hospitality world for over 25 years and once again they’ve stunned us with their incredibly exotic location dedicated to sustainability and luxury. Guests can choose between chalets or villas, and for all nature-lovers, the luxury tents are exactly what dreams are made of.  Exclusive and private, the tented accommodations are extremely spacious and include a personal sit-out area.


Laguna Anjuna

Tropical gardens and high-end hospitality go hand-in-hand at Laguna Anjuna. This country house resort set on the coast of North Goa flourishes amidst coconut and fruit trees and enhances Goa’s ethnic authenticity through its charming bungalows-inspired by the environment and especially by the laguna. Built with Goan-Portuguese style in mind and eco-friendly materials, culture and nature combine to create a worthy escape you won’t be able to forget. And let’s not forget the passion for music and dance that still fills the air. 

Food, fun, and adventure are all part of the experience, and during your stay, you’ll be able to indulge in the peaceful spa, chill by the pool, savour some of the best Goan dishes-including fresh seafood and a bunch of organic vegetables and fruits-and plan activities throughout the splendid state of Goa

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