Hidden in the midst of the azure Atlantic Ocean are the tropical picturesque islands of Turks and Caicos… 

A string of small islands blissfully sprinkled along the Atlantic Ocean

 Turks and Caicos, is often hidden from the radars of many travellers. Though small and often overlooked, the tropical islets are home to an abundance of ecological treasures, from spectacular coral reefs to unspoilt secluded beaches. Catch a glimpse of humpback whales meandering through the ocean waves, and shy iguanas hidden in the weathered cays. 

The archipelago’s ideal location means that it is home to some of the world’s most remarkable scenes. The most stunning sights can be seen from Grace Bay. Boasting mesmerising views of the shimmering sands melting delicately into the crystal waters.

The striking shades of blue sea give way to an underwater paradise, teeming with tropical marine life. As part of the Princess Alexandra Marine Park, the idyllic bay occupies two spellbinding reefs bursting with underwater delights.  

Years of weathering and erosion to the coast has left behind amazing ecological formations. Catch a glimpse of the natural wonders, as you journey around the various islands. Explore the Conch Bar Caves at Middle Caicos; one of the largest cave systems in the Caribbean, the spectacular expanse is home to extraordinary stalactites and stalagmites as well as wide variety of wild bat colonies. 

Uncover the magical city scenes of the main isle. The cityscape tells a story of colonial times, through quaint thoroughfares peppered with antique sites, and monumental landmarks that have remained through time. The capital city is dotted with white-washed sugar-cubed churches dating back to the 1800s and antique museums hold century’s worth of history and artefacts, all awaiting your discovery. 


Food for thought 

The indulgent Caribbean islands are home to an eclectic variety of delicious flavours and cuisine, hailing from all around the world. Choose from the many restaurants sprinkled in and around the capital city and unearth culinary delights from Japan, Italy, India, Jamaica and more. 

Journey to the more secluded islands and discover their fresh local cuisine. Their common fare is made from a selection of humble ingredients, with seafood playing an integral part in many dishes. 

Whilst visiting Grand Turk Island, you and your love can take a trip to the Reef Shark Bar and Grill. Uncover their sumptuous menu, laden with delicious delights from jerk chicken and pork to grilled and fried fish. 


Tying the Knot 

The nations beautiful coastal scenes are what make it a highly sought after destination for luxury weddings. With shimmering turquoise waters, pearlescent sands and cerulean skies as a backdrop, it’s no wonder many dream of tying the knot on the idyllic archipelago. Whether you’re after an intimate and secluded affair or a more grand celebration, the tropical islands boasts of an enchanting setting perfect for any fairytale wedding.

When planning your destination weddings in Turks and Caicos, you’re going to need a helping hand. That’s where Blue Hills Events steps in. The wedding planning agency based in the heart of Providenciales has several decades of experience and promise to design an amazing event that will remain etched in your memories forever. Promising to exceed all expectations, Blue Hills Events will help to plan and coordinate every detail of your magical wedding, including everything from the ceremony, reception, transport and catering you and your love can rest assured that your wedding will be in safe hands. 


Where to say 

Villa Renaissance 

A decadent collection of luxury villas sprinkled along the Grace Bay seafront, Villa Renaissance is a beautiful location perfect for your tropical getaway. Comprised of 28 boutique villas overlooking the azure ocean vista, this sumptuous resort is definitely worth your visit.

The quaint hotel is reminiscent of the Grand Villa’s of the Italian and French Riviera and this decor flows through the hotels interiors. Each villa has been considerably designed with your comfort in mind. Enveloped in lush verdant gardens, wake up each morning with your love to breathtaking natural sights.

Stroll through the shaded walkways, past their charming cottages and uncover their shimmering mosaic pools. Grab a bite to eat from the Harry’s poolside bar and spend your days lounging by the cool waters, basking in the splendid sunshine. 

If you’re looking to tie the knot on the golden coast, the team and concierge at Villa Renaissance are dedicated to helping you achieve the wedding of your dreams. Whether you’re after a tranquil and relaxing holiday, or seeking to celebrate your love with your family and friends, Villa Renaissance is the ideal destination for you. 


Villa Renaissance

Telephone: 1-800-234-0346

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